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Treatment Of Internal Haemorrhoids Laser Assisted

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Haemorrhoid laser procedure is a new laser procedure for outpatient treatment of haemorrhoidal disease in which haemorrhoidal arterial flow feeding the haemorrhoidal plexus is reduced by means of Doppler-guided laser coagulation.

In the haemorrhoid laser procedure operation, a Doppler probe was inserted into the anal canal through a special doppler equiped proctoscope similar to the one used in HAL to identify the terminal branches of superior hemorrhoidal arteries approximately 3 cm above the dentate line. Five pulsed laser shots were delivered to each identified artery through the proctoscope to close the terminal branches. The procedure was repeated for each artery through clockwise rotation of the proctoscope. Absence of a Doppler signal after treatment confirmed arterial coagulation.

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