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The Colorectal Unit


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The Colorectal Unit


Office Treatment Of Internal Hemorrhoids

A haemorrhoid is an enlarged vein in the lining of the anal canal. All people have internal hemorrhoids. When these hemorrhoids become enlarged, they may cause painless rectal bleeding. Swelling of the haemorrhoid may cause it to prolapse (slide out) during a bowel movement.

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Sometimes haemorrhoids can be caused by a tumour or inflammation in the bowel. We therefore usually suggest a screening test with a flexible sigmoidoscopy either before or after treatment. Be sure to discuss this with the clinic personel.


Colorectal cancer is the third most common cancer in both men and women. In 2009, over 150,000 cases of colon and rectal cancer will be diagnosed, and more than 52,000 people will die from the disease, accounting for about 10% of all cancer-related deaths. Tremendous strides are made regularly in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of colorectal cancer. Recent advances have been made in the realm of targeted biologic therapies, and clinicians are challenged to stay abreast of the emerging clinical data for colorectal cancer.

The Colorectal Clinic at the Sievering Surgical Clinic assists ambulatory patients and patients referred to the Sievering Surgical Clinic from other centers. We provide assessments and follow-up care, primarily for patients diagnosed with colorectal cancer and other colorectal disorders. Our clinic encompasses surgical oncology care.

Our services:

Patient assessments for patients with new or metastasized colorectal cancers and palliative care patients

Internal consultations (consultations for patients referred from other areas of the hospital)

Follow-up care for patients after treatment

Assistance with pain control issues

The one stop GI Endoscopy Unit with all facilities :-

Open Access Endoscopy

Flexible Full Length Colonoscopy

Endoscopic Photographs

Therapeutic Endoscopy

Video Endoscopy

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